How To Decorate An Enclosed Patio With A Garden Theme

Have you recently added an enclosed patio to your home? If you are wanting to decorate the room with a garden theme, you are probably thinking of words like charming and light. From the walls to the selection of furniture, here are some ideas that might inspire you to create the perfect room for both relaxing and entertaining.

The Wall Treatment - Wallpaper with a floral print as the basic design would be an excellent choice. Another idea for wallpaper that would create a garden mood would be to select one with birds, butterflies or dragonflies in it. If you'd rather have professionals paint your walls, think of colors that represent the outdoors. For example, blue would mimic the sky, yellow would represent the sunshine, off-white or white would be the clouds, and green would represent plants.

Or, think of your favorite flowers and choose their color. Professional painters like those from Eco Paint, Inc will help you to select a product that will last for a long time and that will be easy to care for. In fact, today's indoor wall paints can literally be wiped off with a damp cloth to remove fingerprints and other soil. If more attention is needed, a mild cleanser should do the trick. 

The Furniture - When you select the furniture for our garden-themed patio, think of furniture you would actually use outdoors. Rustic wood, wrought iron and wicker are all great choices. One good thing about each of those choices is that they can be painted any color you like. For extra drama, think of bold colors like turquoise, bright yellow or brick red. If you will be entertaining guests for meals, select a table and chairs that can be easily moved to accommodate more intimate seating. Another fun addition would be to buy a hanging bench swing. 

The Floor - For an outdoor look, flagstone, Mexican tile or flagstone would all be great. Another idea is to choose concrete and then to faux paint. Faux-painted concrete can take on the look of almost anything your mind can imagine, even the appearance of a field of flowers. Concrete is very affordable and it's very easy to care for. Just sweep and mop it and the job is done. Add softness to the floor with area rugs of different sizes. Choose small rugs in the shape of flowers for added interest.

Shop at nurseries, stores that carry merchandise from all over the world and country stores to find find one-of-a-kind decor like bird houses, indoor fountains and framed pictures of outdoor scenes. 

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