The Best Products For Painting With A Spray Gun

There are many instances when painting with a spray gun is simpler and quicker than using brushes and rollers. For instance, spray guns are ideal for painting the interior of a new house where the floors have not be installed yet. Likewise, painting exterior surfaces, especially those that are especially rough, is easier with a spray gun. You definitely need to take a wholly different approach when it comes to masking off for painting with a gun. This article explains the best way to prep your property before painting with a spray gun.

Masking Off with Rosin Paper

The key to masking off before using a spray gun is to be very thorough. Paint can get all over the place, especially when you are painting outside where overspray can get caught in the wind. Basically, mask off a very large area around the wall you are painting. Red rosin paper is the best product for masking off the floors. It comes in larger rolls that are usually about 3' wide and hundreds of feet long; you can cover an entire room very quickly. It is a good idea to firmly tape the paper to the ground. Otherwise it will shift all over as you walk on it. If a part of the floor underneath gets exposed, you could have problems. If the paper is taped down, it will also be safer to place a ladder on.

Rosin paper is better on the ground because a lot of paint particles from overspray will fall on it. This paint will absorb into the paper, so you won't be tracking it all over when you walk on it. If you cover your floors with plastic, the paint will remain wet and will get all over you shoes. Not only will you be tracking paint all over your home, your floor will also be very slippery to walk on.

Masking off With Painter's Plastic

Painter's plastic is still very useful. Since it is light and clear, you can use it to cover all your window and door fixtures. In fact, any vertical surface should be covered with painter's plastic. You can also drape it easily over furniture, chandeliers, bushes and flower beds.

As you can see, you need to use a combination of painter's plastic and red rosin paper to adequately mask off your home before painting it with a spray gun. For more information, contact a company like Klenosky Paint.


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