Paint For Kids' Rooms

When you are planning a remodel or a simple touch up of your home's decor, choosing the right paint can be challenging. With all the brands and types out there on the market, you may easily become confused about the best choices for your home. When it comes to your children's rooms, you may need some guidance. You want something fresh, yet easy to maintain. When you are choosing their room paint, you need to keep a couple things in mind.


You want your kid's rooms to be bright and cheerful, but you don't want the walls to look like someone spewed primary crayons all over them. Instead of sticking with pink for girls and blue for boys, try experimenting with some less obvious choices. If you do choose pink, try going with a different shade than baby girl pastel. The same goes for a boy's room. You can choose the traditional colors but in different shades.

Don't be afraid to try greens and grays. You can paint these more muted colors on the walls and add pops of brighter colors using curtains and bedding. If your child loves red, try selling them on red trim rather than red walls, or compromise with a red door. A neutral color will also wear better as your child ages. What they love at age 10 will probably be something entirely different at age 13. If you keep the base neutral, you won't have to repaint as often.


Perhaps the most important choice will be the type of paint you choose for your children's rooms. You want something that they can keep clean themselves or at least something that won't drive you crazy as you clean it. In the past, you may have been stuck with semi-gloss or satin paint if you wanted something easy to scrub. However, paints have improved, so you do not have to go shiny unless you want to. Ask a paint contractor like Terry McGill, Inc. about the latest, matte paints that allow for easy cleaning. Although some of these paints may cost more, they are well worth the savings in elbow grease.

The next time you are picking out paint for your children's bedrooms, break free of the traditional colors and let your imagination and theirs run free. Their paint scheme can be vivid without being pink, yellow, or blue. Invest in easy-to-clean paint, and everyone will be happy.


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