Wish You Could Move Into A Newer House? Get A Fresh Update For Your Home On A Budget

If you are looking to move to a nicer or larger home but it isn't in the budget at the moment, you can transform the appearance of your current house, and even trick yourself into thinking it's new. As styles change, even properties that were built just a decade ago can look outdated and out of style. You can get a low budget makeover without spending a lot of money, and without having to remodel your home. Here are some of the suggestions that will be impactful.


The trim in your house is one of the first things that people notice, and if it's any type of stained wood, chances are it's making your house look out of style. Painting the trim white could take a little bit of time, especially if the windows have trim, but it's going to give you the effect that you want. Take the time to sand the trim down, and then go over the wood with a paint that already has primer in it. Fireplace mantles and anything else with the stained wood should also be painted white.


Painting the house with a fresh light color scheme can make you feel like you're walking into a clean, open and modern space. The painting professionals, people from a place like A-1 J C Painting & Drywall Inc, can do high ceilings, around trim, and they can make the paint look flawless. Here are some areas other than the trim you may want to have them do, to continue the transition throughout the house:

  • Windows
  • Cabinets
  • Doors
  • Exterior accessories like shutters

The professional painters have the tools to complete a paint job quickly, and to get all of your interior and exterior areas painted professionally.

Household Hardware

The hardware around the house collectively needs to be changed, not just the handles or knobs on cabinets. Door knobs and door hinges, sliding door handles, light switches, anything that looks outdated or out of place should be targeted. This is something you can do on your own, and you can purchase these items online or at a local home improvement store.

When you change these three things that are currently outdated in your home, you're going to notice a difference right away. Don't spend all of your time wishing you could live in another house, and instead take the house that already have an make it better. You can replace other things over time when the budget permits, but these things make an impact immediately and are budget conscious. 

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