Several Questions About Epoxy Floor Coatings Answered

Your floors can be subjected to some rather intense conditions. Preventing these conditions from causing your floor to experience rapid wear and tear can require the use of an epoxy floor coating. While this type of coating can prove to be extremely useful to your floor, there are some basic questions and answers that may benefit you throughout the process of choosing a particular home

Will The Epoxy Flooring Be Much More Slippery Than Traditional Flooring?

An epoxy resin can be very useful if you are experiencing a range of floor issues. However, people will often be concerned about adding one of these coatings to their floors due to fears that it will make the floor too slippery. This can be particularly applicable for commercial floors as this could put customers and employees at risk of slipping. For those with this need, it is possible to opt for an epoxy floor coating that is designed to increase the traction of those walking on it. This is done through making the surface of the epoxy coating slightly rougher as this will improve the ability of people's shoes to get traction.

Will You Be Able To Use The Floor Immediately After The Epoxy Resin Is Installed?

After the epoxy coating is applied to the floor, you will need to be mindful of the way that you use the floor until this coating has fully dried and cured. For the first day after this coating is applied, you should minimize the amount of foot traffic that the floor will experience. Once this time has passed, you will be able to walk on the floor, but you should avoid placing heavy pieces of furniture or mechanical devices on the floor as this could damage the coating by causing deep indentations to form. Typically, you should wait at least a couple of days before placing heavy items on the floor so that you can be sure that it has fully cured and dried.

Will Epoxy Flooring Be Difficult To Maintain?

Many building owners will be hesitant about using an epoxy floor coating due to a belief that it will be hard to maintain. Yet, these flooring materials are fairly simple to keep in good condition. Regularly cleaning the floor can be one of the most important steps in this process as it will remove surface materials and stains before they can scuff or otherwise compromise the surface of the coating. When cleaning the floor, avoid using cleaning agents that contain bleach or ammonia as these materials may degrade the epoxy.

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