Commercial Painters: Ask These Questions

Owning and running your own small company requires that you think about multiple aspects of your business at all times. The appearance of the building you own may sometimes be at the bottom of your list of concerns, but if you have employees and clients that drop in regularly, you owe it to them to maintain an attractive building that looks professional and well-painted. Commercial painters are often the people you'll call to give your building a visual overhaul; ask these questions about their work to ensure your satisfaction.

Do You Hire Freelance Painters?

You need to trust the people who come inside and work around your building, as it's your responsibility to protect your employees. Any commercial painting contractor should be able to vouch for the people they bring to paint your building. Therefore, you may want to find out whether painting company employees or freelancers will arrive on site. Employees are much more likely to go through a much more thorough vetting process.

Safety isn't the only reason you should wonder about the painters on site. If one should fall from a ladder or get hurt in the building, freelancers may not be covered by the commercial painting company's insurance; your own liability insurance may need to cover relevant costs. Therefore, ask about employment early on.

How are Painters Trained?

Find out about any training that the company offers and ask about how they're confident that the people painting your building can do so. Painting isn't hard, but being able to do so in an efficient way without making mistakes is not always easy. Knowing the process with which they train their workers, you can be sure the job is done well.

Can You Do a Full Assessment?

Painting outside walls or a few walls inside the building can be done, but commercial painters can often offer other services too. A full assessment may reveal that they can apply an anti-slip coating to floors or put on water-resistant paint to protect the building structure. Ask about walk-throughs and assessments that will enable the painters to offer you a full list of jobs they can do.

When Will You Work?

To avoid disruption to the entire building's staff, it may make more sense for you to have painters that will spend their weekends on your project. Weekend work might cost somewhat more, so factor that into the project's overall costs.

Your commercial painters will transform your company's building beautifully. With these questions, that can happen even more easily. For more information, contact a company like Decorators Service Co., Inc.

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