Interested In Painting A Nursery? 3 Tips For Getting The Best Results

If you have a nursery that you're decorating in preparations for a baby, it's a good idea to take your time to look into the best ways to change the look of the room. While picking up new nursery furniture and buying decorations can allow you to get the nursery ready, it's also smart to consider the difference that painting can make.

Adding a new coat of paint to the nursery can change the look of the room drastically, making the following tips all great ideas for changing up the nursery and preparing for the arrival of a baby.

1. Stick With Lighter Colors

As you get ready to pick out colors to use for the nursery, it's important to consider what colors can be age appropriate for the baby. Picking darker colors may be fine for a master bedroom or living room, but it may feel like a poor choice when used for a baby nursery. Taking care to choose lighter colors when you're checking out your options for painting the nursery can ensure that you're able to keep the space bright and airy with a baby on the way.

2. Paint the Nursery in Advance

Since drying paint can have a strong smell to it, it's best to have all the painting done as early in advance as possible. Instead of letting the paint still smell strongly when the baby arrives, you can take care to have all painting done weeks before the baby is due. This will allow the room to air out and for the paint to dry entirely.

Painting the nursery in advance can also give you the opportunity to be picky over the color since you'll be able to try multiple paint swatches until you find a great fit for the nursery.

3. Choose Paint That Will Age Well

As you begin checking out the different colors of paint that could be a good match, you need to consider how soon you'll want to redecorate the nursery. Pastel colors can look great in a nursery for an infant, but they may quickly outgrow the look of the nursery a few years later. Choosing a lighter color that will still age well can ensure that the paint is still a great match as your baby grows up.

Painting the nursery can give the room an entirely new look, as well as making sure that the nursery feels inviting and like a good fit for your baby. Keeping the above tips in mind as you begin exploring your options for painting the nursery can ensure that you're able to transform the nursery exactly as you would like.

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