4 Steps To Take For A Good Exterior Paint Job

Painting the exterior of your home can add curb appeal to your home and add new life to your home's exterior siding. Aluminum, vinyl and wood siding can all be painted, although, with vinyl siding, you are limited to the colors you can choose, so you should stick to the same color or lighter. No matter what type of siding you have, there are steps that need to be taken to ensure a good outcome. Read on for the steps you should take if you are painting your home's exterior.

1. Pressure Wash The Siding

Wash your homes siding with a pressure washer or a garden hose, and a good siding cleaner. Cleaning the siding is essential in making sure the paint will adhere to the siding, and that any stains, mold or mildew will not seep through the paint and show through. Wash the siding and give it a good scrubbing to remove as much of the dirt, mildew, and mold that you can. Pay attention to the undersides of the siding laps as well.

2. Repair, Caulk And Smooth Siding

Take a good look around your home and inspect the siding. If you have holes, cracks or any other damaged area, it needs to be repaired,before you begin painting. Wood siding can be filled in with wood filler, then sanded down smooth. Vinyl siding can be repaired with silicone or spare pieces of siding and silicone to hold it in place. Aluminum siding can be repaired in the same way as vinyl. Smooth any area you repaired using sandpaper. Also, fill in joints for a more appealing look.

3. Apply Primer

Applying a primer can make sure the paint adheres properly and also works as a buffer between the paint and the siding. It can prevent stains, mold, and mildew from soaking through the new paint. Apply a primer that is made for the exterior of the home. Apply a second coat if needed, but be sure you allow enough dry time in between.

4. Use The Proper Paint

The paint you use makes a big difference. Be sure you are using the right type of paint for your siding and also be sure it is made for the exterior. Don't use cheap paint; spend the extra money on paint that is going to give you proper coverage. Talk to the paint salesman at your local hardware store about what type of paint should be used on your home. Be sure to apply more than one coat of paint, and allow plenty of drying time, in between.

If you want to paint your siding to give it new life, or to add curb appeal to your home, be sure to take the proper steps before painting to ensure a good exterior paint job. Hire a professional exterior painter to paint your exterior to get the job done right.

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