Six Mistakes To Avoid When You Have Painting Done On Your Commercial Facility

A paint job on your commercial facility is a significant company investment that's going to have a big impact on the aesthetics of your company's place of doing business.

You need to make sure you avoid mistakes so that your commercial paint job proceeds in a cost effective manner while also presenting your company in the best possible way. 

The following are six mistakes to avoid when you have painting done on your commercial facility:

Choosing the wrong colors

You need to put adequate thought into the colors you choose for your commercial painting services. The colors you choose should help you establish your brand image. At the same time, you don't want to choose colors that are overly bold and distracting. 

Choose a calm yet distinct color palette for the best results. 

Not clearing space beforehand for the commercial painter

A lot of commercial painters are going to charge you by the hour. This means that you're going to pay more if the job takes longer than expected.

The better you prep the area before the commercial painter arrives, the more quickly the job is going to get done. Clear space and get rid of obstructions so that your painter can get right to work and finish as quickly as possible. 

Hiring a contractor with no experience in commercial jobs

Doing commercial painting jobs is really quite different from doing residential painting. The schedule a commercial painter has to work with and the style of painting requires some specialized knowledge. Therefore, you should make sure you work with a painter who has done commercial work before. 

Neglecting to have primer put down

Primer almost always boosts the quality of a paint job. If you don't request primer to be put down, your paint job is probably not going to last as long as it should because it will turn dull and/or chip away prematurely. 

To ensure that your new paint job looks great for a long time to come, invest in a layer of primer. 

Having no detailed schedule in place

Setting a schedule is really important with commercial facilities because having a paint job done might interfere with your hours of operation. This can cut into your profits. 

You should lay out a schedule with your commercial painter showing when the work will take place, when your facility will have to be out of order, and when you will be able to reopen. 

Not insisting on a final walk-through

As part of your contract with your painter, you should insist upon a final walk-through. This will give you the opportunity to make sure that you are satisfied with the work before the contract is officially considered fulfilled on the part of your commercial painting contractor. 

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