Why Paint Your Concrete Building?

The concrete building you bought for your retail or office space is likely working just fine even though the exterior looks a bit more damaged than you expected. Exterior painters can transform the structure, but you may still be wondering whether a paint job is worth it. Why paint your concrete building?

Impressing Clients

It's obvious that painting your building in a new color will change the way your building looks as people pass it on the street. You can customize colors these days, so whatever color strikes your fancy is a possibility. However, more importantly, the color you select is likely to have an effect on clients or customers that approach the building. A neutral concrete surface is unlikely to evoke as much emotion as a baby blue building, for instance. This is important because seeing your building begins the customer experience. If you can impress them with the exterior of your building, you can start charming them as soon as they get to your property.

When selecting a color, consider your brand. A baby blue building could work for a company that sells baby toys, for example, but it may be inappropriate for a law firm. Consider your other branding efforts when choosing exterior paint colors.


Exterior painters will also talk with you about possible waterproofing services that they can accomplish as they work on your concrete building. A clear, water-resistant seal coat can be applied to the entire building to repel water from the structure's surface. If the region is one where you're likely to have heavy snowfalls and plenty of rain, this could be a vital option.

Getting Other Services

Most exterior painters can also help with interior issues. For instance, if you're concerned about the slick floors or walkways inside the building, a painter can apply some anti-slip floor paints or epoxies. You may have an office basement where you store files and you don't want water or condensation to enter the space; a few coats of water-resistant paint could be a possibility. Discuss the totality of a commercial painter's offerings before you work up a final contract.

Exterior painting can not only transform your simple concrete building, but it can also protect it from future damage. Work with your painter to assess your needs and discuss when painting services could take place; you and your clients might soon be impressed by the building after the project is done. Contact exterior painters in your area to learn more about their services.

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