5 Tips For Successfully Painting An Office

If it's time to paint your company office, then a bit of preparation is in order. The following pre-painting tips can help assure a successful paint job.

1. Test the Color

Never trust the color in the can or on the paint sample. Many factors can impact how the color appears on your office wall, from lighting to the wall material itself. Paint a large test patch for each color you are considering so that you can accurately compare how they will look on your walls. A paint color that looks beautiful on the sample may look dingy or washed out in your office, particularly if there is a lack of natural light.

2. Know the Finish Options

Paint comes in a variety of finishes. Satin and matte finishes have no shine, so they should be reserved for low-touch surfaces like ceilings as they don't clean easily. Semi-gloss is a good all-purpose finish as it can be wiped clean of minor soiling. On high-touch surfaces, such as doorways, high gloss may be preferred as it is easiest to clean. There are also anti-microbial finishes that are good for high-touch surfaces. 

3. Use Quality Primer

Skipping the primer is a false economy. A primer coat seals in any stains so they don't bleed through the new paint. The primer also creates an even painting surface that provides optimum adhesion so the fresh paint is less likely to have thin spots or to peel off over time. Overall, primer actually reduces the cost of a commercial painting job as fewer coats are necessary if the walls are primed first. 

4. Have a Plan

Ideally, you can paint when the office is closed. If not, then a plan must be in place to cordon off areas that are being painted until the paint dries. This may mean painting a small area each day for several days. Further, consider fumes that could cause discomfort for staff, particularly if there is poor ventilation in the building. You may need to close off larger sections or bring in fans to aid ventilation during painting. 

5. Invest in Prep

Proper preparation ensures a quick, attractive, and durable paint job. Your painting crew should come out the day before painting begins to dust walls, fill in damage, and tape off the area. This process can take a couple of hours to an entire day, depending on the size of the area. 

Contact a commercial painting service if you have more questions about interior office painting. 

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