Things You Should Consider Having Your Exterior Painter Paint

An exterior painter can be relied on to paint the outside of your home, and this is perhaps the most common thing these painters do. They work similarly to interior painters, only they focus on the outsides of properties and are skilled in prepping and painting a variety of surfaces and dealing with paint and weather conditions together.

If you're hiring an exterior painter to touch up the outside of your home, have them do other tasks as well. Here are just a few other tasks your exterior can take care of to make your property look amazing.

Your fence/deck

Do you have a wooden deck and/or fence? If so, your exterior painter can paint these surfaces to give your home great curb appeal and make every structure on your property complement one another. You don't have to paint the fence and deck the same color or even have them match your house, the goal is to bring life to these wooden structures and also help preserve them longer.

Your porch/walkway

While you may not think of painting a concrete porch or walkway, there are reasons to consider this type of exterior painting job if you have older concrete parts of your property that are stained or prominently displayed. You can paint a concrete porch and walkway a stunning white or go with a brown or another more neutral color to break up the hard appeal of concrete. If your concrete areas have cracks in them, your exterior painter can help fill in these areas with attractive paint to give your home's exterior a simple yet effective makeover.

Your garage/shed 

If you have a garage or storage shed attached to your property, you want to paint these surfaces so they can stay looking great and not take away from your home's overall appeal. Your garage and shed are permanent structures on your land and should be painted so they match your home or given a complementary paint color coverage by your exterior painter. When in doubt, a neutral color helps complete the look without being too drastic.

If you want to paint your home, have your exterior painter look at some other exterior surfaces you have on your property as well. You may find that you have several projects your exterior painter can take on to give your home new appeal. Get a quote for painting, which is usually given based on the square footage of the surfaces being painted and what kind of prep is needed.

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