Sizzling Summer: Hot Paint Trends To Brighten Up Your Home's Interior

With the arrival of summer, you are probably thinking about swimming, picnics, and backyard barbeques, but summer is also a great time to paint your home's interior walls. Summer paint colors evoke images of juicy watermelon, refreshing lemonade, sweet peaches, and earthy greens that are all part of the summer season. With all the summer paint trends to choose from, you are sure to find one you cannot resist to liven up your walls.  

Juicy reds

There is no need to fear the boldness of red paint when you turn to new summery paint shades that are subtle yet sizzling. Look for shades of red that resemble raspberries or juicy watermelon. These pleasing shades of red can be used to paint an accent wall in any room or for the entire room if you want a look that is sure to be eye catching and energizing to all who enter your home. 

Mellow yellows

Think about thirst-quenching glasses of fresh-squeezed lemonade when choosing a shade of yellow to celebrate the summer season. Mellow yellows have just a hint of yellow to keep walls looking refreshed and bright. Choose buttery hues of yellow paint if you want to add light along with a hint of warmth to a room.

Peachy pinks

What could be more like summer than a peachy pink shade of paint to dress up the interior of your home? Peachy pinks are warm and vibrant at the same time and will give your home's interior a soothing glow. Just as welcome in the kitchen or the bedroom, peachy pinks are a more mature type of beige that will not go unnoticed.

Earthy greens

Green is hot in summer paint trends. In fact, you are likely to see sage green appearing in your favorite home décor store and are sure to find several shades of sage green paint to choose from when shopping for the perfect summer paint color. Sage green makes an amazing paint color if you wish to paint your entire interior in one color, as it can transition from room to room well and will add just the right amount of energy and refreshment to your summer decorating theme.

The interior of your home will be as energizing as the sights of summer when you select a trendy paint color. There is no better time to refresh your home than the summer season. New wall colors in fun and summery hues are sure to bring your home to life with tantalizing colors.

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