Should You Let Your Tenant Paint Their Rental Unit?

Does your tenant want to paint their rental unit? Because you are the owner of the property, this is generally your decision. But rather than reject this idea outright, you would do well to use it as an opportunity. Why? And how? Here's some important food for thought for any landlord. 

Why Let the Renter Paint?

The desire to paint their rental home or apartment tells you two important things. First, it's an indication that the tenant is settling in more and that they look at this unit as more of a home than a pit stop. So if they are good-quality renters you want to keep, this is an easy way to help ensure that. 

Second, it gives you some insight into what renters and potential renters are looking for. Do they want a trendier palette? Fewer neutrals? Different kinds of neutrals? More variety throughout the home? Updating your unit based on real-world tenant preferences can help keep it relevant and appealing for others. 

Finally, consider whether or not you plan to repaint when these tenants leave. If so — and it's likely to be a reasonably short time frame — why not do it now? It may even save you time and money if the tenant shoulders or shares the cost of repainting. 

Should You Handle the Painting?

Even though there are great reasons to permit a tenant to repaint, that doesn't mean you should just let them go hog wild on their own. This is a quick route to a poor paint job and untenable colors. Set up some ground rules instead, including requiring your final approval on color palettes. 

The best way to repaint any unit is to have the work done by a professional painting company. There are two smart ways to do this. Either give the tenant an acceptable list of painting services to use or contract with a company yourself and bill the tenant for the cost. This way, you accede to the tenant's wishes but also have control over how your investment property is maintained. 

Where Should You Start?

If your tenant has expressed a desire to paint their unit or you want to give them the option, start by meeting with an experienced residential painting company in your area today. They will work with you to find the right approach to this project and make it as successful as possible. Contact a local painting company to learn more. 

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