Painting A Nursery: A New Beginning

Paint For Kids’ Rooms


When you are planning a remodel or a simple touch up of your home’s decor, choosing the right paint can be challenging. With all the brands and types out there on the market, you may easily become confused about the best choices for your home. When it comes to your children’s rooms, you may need […]

How To Clean And Store Your Pneumatic Spray Gun


If you are going to paint the exterior of your commercial building, it is a good idea to use a pneumatic spray gun. Even though you will probably need to rent the spray gun system, this will still save you money because it will save you so much time in the long run. It is […]

The Best Products For Painting With A Spray Gun


There are many instances when painting with a spray gun is simpler and quicker than using brushes and rollers. For instance, spray guns are ideal for painting the interior of a new house where the floors have not be installed yet. Likewise, painting exterior surfaces, especially those that are especially rough, is easier with a […]

3 Tips To Help You Choose Painting Designs And Colors That Work Best For Your Business


Something that you may not think of much when you walk into your business is the color of the walls, but they can make a big difference in how your business operates. Having colors that help with create a positive atmosphere can improve employee satisfaction and workflow. Colors that encourage people to buy products can […]

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How To Rag Roll Paint A Wall


If you are looking for a fun way to spruce up your walls, try rag rolling. As the name implies, rag rolling is a painting technique that uses rags and a contrasting paint color applied in various patterns to give the illusion of texture. Here are some tips to rag roll paint a wall. Prepare […]

How To Decorate An Enclosed Patio With A Garden Theme


Have you recently added an enclosed patio to your home? If you are wanting to decorate the room with a garden theme, you are probably thinking of words like charming and light. From the walls to the selection of furniture, here are some ideas that might inspire you to create the perfect room for both relaxing and entertaining. The […]

Two Reasons Why You Should Have The Walls Of Your Home Painted


If you’re thinking about updating the appearance of the interior part of your home, new furniture may immediately come to mind.  However, there is another way to breathe new life into your abode that may prove even more effective:  A fresh coat of paint.  Painting the walls in your home could be the key to […]

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Selecting Interior Paints


In the more than 32,000 years since humans first started painting their home (cave) interiors, paint has come a long way. From a primitive mixture of charcoal, clay, and vegetable or animal products paint has become a complex mixture of pigments and resins that won’t simply wash away. Today, paint may be the most DIY- […]